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Cancun  Riviera Maya Mexico

About Mexico


Surface: 1.972.545 km2.

Population : 94.750.000 (Urbanization: 72,6% - Density per: 48 habitants – demographic grout: 2,00%).

Ethnic race : 55% mixed (Indian - Spanish), 29% Mayan, 15% race white or Creole.

Capital : Mexico city (18.800.000 population).

language: Spanish, an important number of population speaks Mayan, the native language.

exchange: Monetary unit is the Mexican peso. Exchange rate
1 USD = 11.20 Pesos; 1 euro=13.50 pesos

electricity: 110 Volts

Principal religion: 89,7% Catholic, 4,9% protestant, 0,1% Jewish, etc.
The passport is necessary and a tourist visa that is usually given for no more than 90 days..
No vaccine necessary..


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Ecotourism is a concept that encompasses tourism and community development along with awareness and preservation of environment. The idea is to combine fun with benefit, whereas visitors get to experience the traditions and customs of ancient tribes in their natural environment while supporting the communities and preserving their existence for generations to come. The project Dos Palmas is a perfect example of ecotourism in the Mayan Riviera on Mexican Caribbean Coast. It allows you to experience the way of life, the customs and traditions of ancient Mayan civilization first hand, as if you indeed were taken back in time. After you have visited Dos Palmas once, you will cherish that magic forever and will wait eager to return.

Mayan ceremonial night

Noche ceremoniale Maya  Riviera Maya Mexico


The magic of the past will leave you yearning for the future. . . your future vacation at the Mayan Riviera with Dos Palmas Ecotours.

Mexico is filled with fantastic places where we can travel back in time by walking trough coble-stoned streets of ancient towns, enjoying a quiet evening in the sleepy court yard of an old church or spend an afternoon at a bustling market.

Here, in the Mayan Riviera, we can also explore the jungle and swim at the heart of the earth in the natural sink holes, called “cenotes”, and underground rivers. Or, we can spend a relaxing evening with the locals and learn to appreciate a slower and peaceful way of life which is, after all, is what vacation should be about.

Come travel with us and you will discover the most breathtaking places of the Yucatan Peninsula and the Mayan Riviera as well as experience the colors, the sounds, the flavors of this historic paradise first hand.


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