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Its a rustic sauna bath used actually by most of the cultures in México like the Mayans that thanks to its therapeutic qualities its an important complement in every sacred ritual and ceremony.
Its part of a very old tradition to clean mind and body, that has been transmitted through cultures from north America and is still performed to these days. The spoken tradition through father and son is the way the Mayans kept most of this important traditions.
Purificazione in Dos Palmas
The Temazcal is performed inside a stone semicircle shaped structure where the shaman enters and cleans it with copal ( sweet incense smoke, taken from a local tree) transforming it into a sacred place.
 In the interior the people enters around the place where the preheated volcanic rocks will be greeted from the sacred fire as grandparents or ancient wise men, to give us the light and strength as they are splashed with herb tea infusions.
The shaman is with us through these journey and while we hear him sing in their ancient language we start to feel how the belly of mother earth regenerates us.

 To be reborn as warriors

In the traditions of the ancient Mayan culture the Temazcal represents the return to our mothers’ belly, the place where everything begins and we will be liberated o
Temascal Dos Palmas, Messicof all our past troubles and worries. By completing the Temazcal ritual we are said to be reborn as warriors completely free in the mind and spirit. Each of the participants will have the possibility to search inside of themselves- thanks to the calm and quiet of the Temazcal and the guidance of the Mayan healer. In the ancient times this ceremony used to last 2 hours inside the Temazcal and was only participated by specific high-class people of the community, such as priests.

Social achievements

On Sunday the 10th the wishes of Mayan families were granted when doctors and medical supervisors visited them to help their elders and children.




Day of the Dead

1 and 2nd of November

Sorrow and happiness, tragedy and fun are feelings that the Mexicans have when they think of death. However they reflect their feelings about death in a different way than other cultures-by joking and playing.
We celebrate The Day of all Saints or “ Dia de muertos”. The community invites us to learn about their unique traditions and ceremonies, letting us get in touch with our ancestors and beloved ones that had passed away to the other life.
In Mexico it’s a time to celebrate and remember in a fun way our dead ones.



Mayan Ceremonial Night

The project

The sustainable development of the communitys through the promotion of its ceremonial center and ecological tourist visits.


To allow Mayan families stay in their respective communities keeping them together as a family unit instead of having to search for work as cleaning personnel in big hotels in the city. The Mayan traditions are sacred and should be preserved and shared with the rest of the world.


The community has a project of recovering ancient traditions by the promotion of its ancient purification ritual. There, we meet the community healer, referred to as Shaman, who guides us through a magical night where we discover the most amazing and unique Mayan ritual which was performed by ancient Mayan in order to be reborn as warriors. We also have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious dinner, swim in the fresh water of a sacred sinkhole, referred to as cenote and see a rural museum to learn how this people live in harmony with nature.

Mayan Ceremonial Night

Altare in dos palmas ,MessicoThe project  was born from working with a Mayan community and learning from their traditions and beliefs. The general idea behind the project was to try to work directly with the communities and to bring the tourism directly to them, which will allow them to sustain their way of life without having to leave their current villages in search of work.

To respect the traditions and nature and preserve the family bounds of the Mayans is very important to this region. Bringing tourists to Dos Palmas community encourages the family to stay together, preserve their customs and traditions and allows them to sustain themselves financially without having to leave their village in search of work.

The community offers to the visitors a magical night in the heart of the jungle of the state of Quintana Roo. Visitors will find themselves traveling through time by being part of ancient Mayan rituals.

First the Shaman (Mayan priest) explains the importance of living in harmony with nature, how these people learned to work, breathe and walk with the natural elements.

Temascal in Dos Palmas,MessicoWe get prepared in soul and mind to enter the Temascal, (ancient Mayan sauna bath) that is a semi circle rock structure where we experience the feeling of being reborn again as warriors through a magical journey. Inside the temascal, we receive volcanic stones preheated in the sacred fireplace outside the temascal, and surrounded by this environment we relax and enjoy natural infusions of herbs.

After a brief encounter with the temazcal and this ancient Mayan traditions, we walk through a beautiful night in the jungle heading for a refreshing swim in a Cenote (natural fresh water sink holes) where we swim and regain our strength.

After the swim the dinner will be served, the women of the community prepare Mayan style chicken, that is cooked with achiote (local BBQ like flavored seed),beans, rice and hand made tortillas.

In the end we walk through the Mayan community and we see the way they live and learn more about their traditions.



Cenotes (sinkholes)

To understand the formation of the cenotes, first we have to understand that the Yucatan Peninsula is like a huge platform made of lime stone and hovering over a massive body of water. Th
CENOTE DOS PALMAS, Messicoe rain waters seep through the limestone and join the massive underground river systems. With time erosion of the limestone takes place which, in turn, exposes the underground waters. Places where the underground waters can be accessed are called cenotes and they present a wonderful opportunity for snorkeling and diving.

The freshness of this water is amazing because the water is in constant movement with limestone acting as a giant filter. The water temperature although colder than that of the Caribbean Sea is very comfortable and refreshing. There are a lot of different cenotes in the Mayan Riviera and many more are still hiding in the midst of the jungle, waiting to be discovered.

The cavern formations are more than 70 million years old. The particular cavern that you will have the opportunity to visit used to be the place where Chaak (the god of water) lived and the Mayans used to throw offerings and sacrifices into the cenote. The cenotes are places where the Mayans get their fresh water, so you can always find a cenote near any Mayan village or community.


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